Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A little more than a year ago (July 2nd, 2010), I posted something on this "blog" which pondered the future of my artistic self--specifically from exactly a year after I wrote it.  Well, the date of July 2nd, 2011 has come and gone without me having taken note--mostly because I've been quite busy in my actual life (as opposed to my computerized life).  I won't go into too much detail, (but egads!  That's a year already?!  Time flies when you get older).  I will just say that I now live in lovely  Durango, Colorado, where I moved to Portland from in October of 2004.  Boulder was a decidedly bad place for me to live--but more importantly, Durango has turned out to be pretty good.  I just moved into a new space where I have plenty of room and few distractions, and the New Horizons are glowing off in the near distance.  That is, sometimes life takes one in unexpected directions, and my move to Durango has been a rather serendipitous thing.  Not much about specific art and techniques in this blog post... maybe some posts in future editions.