Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"The Collins Cure"

The milk goes down smoothly,
   A Phillip Milk of smooth lyrical content.
Managed solely for my palate,
available on cassette
     and compact disc.
I clearly love the thin sound of vocal clarity
    as well as the crisp beats like a tribe.
I am going to manage my day
according to its dictates
and collapse into a mealy mush
of gravelly riverbed madness.
Gladly blathering all the way,
Visibly touching the firmament,
and swirling amid the gray.

"The Red Rocker"

A sullen Sammy Hagar,
Floating in crimson flags of eagles flying.
Big Red lightning of sockets glowing.
Murderous chords projected from
   ancient ideas.
Eagles flew previous,
But presently they glorybound fracture
The malignant orb of despondency.
Flags fly full.