Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pledge 30 dollars KDUR 3-5pm Friday April 15th (91.9FM in Durango and at and receive one of these small framed pictures of moustachioed gentlemen. 970-247-7262


 Good TIMEZ!!
 KDUR 91.9/93.9FM
Friday 3-5PM MST


  1. I would like to pledge in advance for the handsome gentleman on the far left with the big nose. The code word will be obvious to you, but less so to others.

    Annie Mouse

  2. Well, I will reserve the handsome large-nosed gentleman for you, provided your code word is recognizeably awesome.

  3. Just called, not realizing that you are an hour ahead of the rainy state... I gave the password anyway and cited you as the most excellent reason to listen to KDUR.

    -Annie Mouse (Tom)

  4. Ah ha! Well, I was pretty sure it was you--and I set that coveted piece aside. I'll have the radio station send it off to the rainy climes of PDX. Thanks, my good man!